"End-user awareness and training reduces security-related risks by 45% to 70%." - Reuters.com


“If you had to hack the CEO, where would you start?”
The CEO’s executive secretary’s Laptop & Mobile
The CEO’s mobile device


Identify many of the common risks involved in using conventional end-user technology, as well as ways to use it safely, to protect themselves and their organizations from those risks.


This course is designed for non-technical end-users of computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet, enabling employees of any organization to use technology more securely to minimize digital risks


Allows organizations to increase their security posture quickly and with minimal investment by ensuring that end-users are equipped with the knowledge necessary to be good stewards of their organizations’ data.


Platform to gain Technical skills set after completing this training.

Cyber Security

Measures taken to protect a computer (as on the Internet) against unauthorized access!
Why Business Data  Should be Protected Adequately!

A single email can lead to a multi-million dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even be aware of their mistake. The problem lies in the fact that too few employees know of the dangers of social engineering, much less how to detect it. CyberSAFE builds an understanding of basic social engineering tactics, as well as the ways in which they can be used to compromise a network.

  • Staying Open for Business

    To ensure that the organization stays in business and generate revenue.

  • Proof of Integrity

    To build the business reputation gives credibility the organization.

  • Legal Mandate

    To give confidence to customers, stake holderTo be protected by law

  • Firm Assurance

    To give confidence to customers, stake holders, employees, business partners and the government.

Make sure ALL your employees are protecting your business!

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